Work From Home or Lunch with Entrepreneurs?

Join the Atlanta Boss Club for a Working Lunch Meetup

It’s finally 9 am…

The sun is up, the coffee is set to brew and the aroma of pancakes and eggs gently graze your nostrils preparing you for the beautiful day ahead.

You brush your teeth, wash your face with that perfectly scented new face wash you got from Target the day before and finally devour your breakfast.

As you finish up your breakfast and sip your ‘better than Starbucks’ coffee, you look out your kitchen window and think…………Wow…

This is what you call life…….working from home is PARADISE.

Then you go for a run because that is what the working at home life entails.

*insert a beautiful voluminous sound here*


*sarcastic laugh*

So this is how the day really goes when you’re a Remote entreprenuer…..*ahem*

It is 7 am….

The sun is barely up and you don’t know if its gonna pour down raining or if it’s going to be another hot Atlanta Day.

You just realized you forgot to set your coffee maker to auto-set because you were up until 2 am doing work for a client who sent you some work at 11 pm.

You rush to get your computer that is right beside your bed, plop the computer on your lap because rushing to your office(aka the kitchen)takes up wayyy too much time, only to realize that an annoying computer update just happens to take effect when you need your computer the most.

*10 minutes goes by*

You grab that granola bar on your dresser to snack on because eating a breakfast other than a granola bar is just another idle idea.

Your computer is updated and you rush to get some work done, and finally, 1 pm hits and you decide that maybe you should eat because you’re slowly entering starvation mode.



and if you have kids…instead of 7 am just make that 5:30 am on a good day.


There is a slight misconception of the ‘working from home’ life. Now don’t get me wrong,  it is NOT the worst thing in the world by far. The alternative is having a boss constantly down your throat 5 days a week and having to clock in (the HORROR I TELL YA).

Working from home allows you to have more control over your life and that seems like the ultimate position to be in. But did we forget about the basic human necessity to interact with humans other than our clients?

We get so absorbed in our work and our business that we sometimes miss those office days because at least we had someone to go on a quick lunch with to sip mimosas and talk crap about our day.

Okay so it may not consist of mimosas but it does involve some escape of reality for a second.

So let me introduce myself before I go on, my name is Jewel Walker and I am an SEO strategist for Socially Nina and Nina Simone Consulting in the wonderful city of Atlanta.

For those who never heard of SEO before I will be delighted to tell you exactly what it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it serves as the bread and butter for any business hoping to succeed in the internet space (aka 99% of businesses). Great SEO is reliant on key words that relate to your business so that when someone searches your niche or business, your website or name pops up immediately in the search results!

Now onto the Amazing Socially Nina !!


“Socially Nina” Thomas is a prestige Digital Marketing Strategist in the Metro Atlanta area aiming to teach entrepreneurs how to create, transform and enhance their marketing efforts through digital means.

She can relate to what it feels like to work from home because she did the most AMAZING BOSS MOVE EVER….She quit her freakin job!

Yes, I said it! QUIT!!

So trust me…She understands what you guys are going through. She began working from home and the moment she walked away from her job, she started to understand what you guys have been going through for a while.

Socially Nina then started to realize the sudden lack of social interaction from working from home in Atlanta (the best place to be). So she went on her Pink Boss Club Facebook page and asked if any Atlanta entrepreneurs would like to bring their laptop, do work and socialize with like-minded individuals.


Unbeknownst to her….lots of people wanted to get out of the house!!! Who would have thought that so many entrepreneurs in Atlanta wanted to leave their house and interact with other Atlanta entrepreneurs to not only network but also get some WORK done?

So many people were open to meeting that this one post soon got so much engagement that Socially Nina had to soon create the BOSS CLUB meetup group!



The BOSS CLUB meetup group quickly grew to 50 members and now we currently have 90 plus!!

I too had the pleasure of attending The Atlanta Boss Lunch and it was a total success. Like most people, I am such an introvert and I happen to work remotely in Atlanta, so this was a great opportunity to get out, network and get some work done.

The network was nothing short of amazing. I met a lot of Atlanta Entrepreneurs that day and feel like I learned a lot in those few hours.

Everyone was extremely pleasant and open to advice and criticism. I loved how involved everyone was and how attached they were to their work and the people around them!

Here are some of the awesome Atlanta Entrepreneurs that attended the event.


and more!!!!!

Work from Home Lunch with Entrepreneurs Atlanta Events for Entrepreneurs from Socially Nina on Vimeo.

So the opportunity to be amongst Atlanta entrepreneurs is not only beneficial to your business but your personal life! I can go on and on about the benefits of working from home but what about the disadvantages??


5 Reasons why working from home is AWESOME


  1. You control your time

If you want to only allocate 30 minutes to a particular project then do that! Because guess what?! No one is stopping you!

  1. No Boss is over you

Forget the hassling reminders from your boss to get something done for the twelfth time. Being an entrepreneur is such a freeing experience.

  1. Possible increase in Work/Life Balance

At least you are now able to make the 6 pm girls night soiree that you have been meaning to attend for the last 4 years. OR maybe you can finally attend your baby boy football game IN ADDITION to the PTA meeting. YOU ROCK MOM (OR DAD!!).

  1. Screw that Commute!

The days where you commute for an hour and a half while you search for a new podcast to subscribe to is finally over. Now the only commute that you have is from the bed to the office (or kitchen, or living room). Welcome to the Working from Home Entrepreneur life!

  1. No official start time

Who says that waking up at 7 am is ABSOLUTELY crucial. Schedule your day however you’d like. You have more control over your time now so utilize that!

5 reasons why working from home ISN’T SO AWESOME


  1. No Workplace to Interact with Co-Workers

Ahhhhh…the workplace drama, the extreme micromanager, and the bad coffee that never seems to be available when you need it the most. Don’t you miss it? 🙂 No really…working from home will start to have you craving those ‘once dreadful” moments. At least it was a good laugh.

  1. Same Clothing, Same You

Whether you were in a uniform, or a fancy over-priced suit, or a stylish outfit, AT LEAST you got dressed! Now, who knows how long you have been in those leather printed pajamas (don’t be ashamed, mine have a zebra printJ ) #boss

  1. Possible Decrease in Work/Life Balance

Now, this really depends because some entrepreneurs may be able to actually stop working at 5 pm but others may find themselves working until 8 pm at the dinner table while eating that 2nd bowl of cereal.

  1. Loneliness

Where are the people!!!! It’s only you and your dog (or cat). I don’t know about you but I can’t have too many conversations with my little furry friend.

  1. Lack of Real Breaks

Instead of a 5-minute break to grab more coffee or eat a quick bowl of cereal, when you have total control of your work and time you may lack structure. There is a reason companies require a 30min-60min break. You need a break!! Rest your mind for a second and start over fresh. Your human. It’s okayyyy. Then there are those people who take a 3-hour nap/break/ catch up on episodes type-of-break.  Now you know that’s bad!!!Wake up!


Moral of the story is that most of us need people from time to time.

Now Studies have shown that “a social network is typically associated with conformity to social norms relevant to health and self-care. In addition, being part of a social network gives individuals meaningful roles that provide self-esteem and purpose to life.”

Being a remote worker doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

So get out, grab some mimosas…..and meet amazing people in the process!

So I told you guys that I went out to the Atlanta Boss Club event. One thing that I noticed is that not everyone was conversing the whole time. Some people were really getting work done for hours!

Some people were talking to clients while sipping margaritas.  So make no mistake, you can just come and be glued to your laptop indefinitely. AND THAT’S OKAY at the Atlanta Boss Club Lunch!


So When is the next Atlanta Boss Club Lunch??


The next event is April 18th at 12:30 pm and I will definitely be attending. Not only is this an awesome chance to get out of the house but it is a business opportunity to connect with other Atlanta entrepreneurs that may give you advice on how to better your business in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

While attending the event I realized that Socially Nina has not only successfully brought together Atlanta entrepreneurs but has also connected people with future business partners to take each other’s business to the next level.

For those who may not know where to Start


Starting a business in Atlanta is not a scary as it may seem.

Finally taking a leap and leaving your job may not be as scary as it may seem.

Leaving the house and interacting with awesome entrepreneurs in Atlanta may not be as scary as it may seem.

Bottom Line


Venture out and take a leap of faith. Joining a group where entrepreneurs meet and network is probably the best decision you will ever make.

Social interaction isn’t that bad when you are learning in the process and creating potential lasting relationships.

Go out on a limb and not only develop a lasting bond between a group of awesome people but also learn about what other people around the Atlanta area are doing that may inspire or influence you.


See you at the next Boss Club Event!!!!! Register here!



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