Microsoft Teams 2 of 4 – How to create a Team, Channel, Invite Members
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If you enabled Microsoft Teams in the admin console and are still getting the “You’re missing out!Ask your IT administrator for access to Microsoft Teams.” Error when visiting you’ll need to download the desktop app at then login locally.

What you’ll learn in this video
• Enable Teams (you must be an admin)
• Download the Desktop application
• Create a Team Workspace
• Invite Members
• Create Channel(s)
• Be Productive!
• How to enable Microsoft Teams [Video Tutorial] • How to start a Microsoft Teams Meeting [Video Tutorial] • How to use Microsoft Team Files / SharePoint Files [Video Tutorial] • How to use Microsoft Team Chat
• How to use Microstoft Team TBot / Bots
• More information about teams:

Microsoft Teams Workspaces is being called the Slack Replacement, Slack Killer… basically a better slack. But is this true? Can Microsoft compete with the cool social working platform that millennials love – or the wanna be millennials. Slack makes engagement around work a lot less “Oh my goodness another email” and more “hmm let’s see what the team is working on.” Can Microsoft adjust or is Microsoft going to blow them out of the water?
I’m a little biased because I love Microsoft Office 365. I mean LOVE. I am addicted to everything Office 365 – from Office 365 Groups to OneNote to Microsoft Planner. Having everything you need in one area and being able to collaborate on documents, notes and project files from your desktop at the same time is genius. Then there’s Yammer, Yammer is the Facebook of the business world. The truth is, millennials are heading into the corporate space with innovative ideas. Adding social collaboration features to normally mundane, boarding day to day activities makes it easier to keep great talent. Microsoft got it right with teams. Everything in one place. Take Office 365 Groups add Yammer and top it off with a little Skype for Business and there you go… Productive Collaboration.
Microsoft Teams also includes a desktop client for Windows and Mac (imagine that) and mobile apps. Let’s not forget the oh so important emojis, gifs, and stickers. Don’t worry, admins can turn these features off.


Video Transcript
– [Nina] If you can’t get your Microsoft Teams to work, the easiest way to fix that problem, after you’ve enabled it is to actually download the desktop application. If you haven’t enabled Microsoft Teams for your environment, click on the link below in the description area, I do have a video showing you exactly how to do this. For now, I’m gonna show you, after you actually enable it in your environment, I waited a long time and did not see the Microsoft Teams. I went to the website, still didn’t see Teams. So, if you actually go over to this site and download it, and let me get the site up for you, you’re gonna see Once I downloaded the app, the desktop app for Windows, and I used this one, I was able to log in and start creating Teams. So what happens is you are prompted for your Microsoft work, or school, or student, log in. And then the next screen that you see is gonna look like this. I didn’t record it, because I had just went through the first time, but I do want to let you know, you’re gonna start of by creating your first team. You give it a name, you give it a description, and notice if you already have Microsoft Groups, Office 365 Groups, you can connect your Office 365 Groups to your Microsoft Teams. So, don’t worry about that. That’s the first question that people are asking as we were starting. But first, you start there and then you move into creating your channels. So let’s see what that looks like. To add members to the group, the next screen, I’m gonna type in my team, of course, Beyonce’s on my team. I’m gonna ahead and add her. Notice, you can skip this step, you want to add people later. After you add someone to the team, you can make them owner or member. I’m gonna leave Beyonce as a member. Okay, like most of Microsoft’s items nowadays, it does give you a little tutorial, and telling you what you can do, basically using this as a collaborative space, to chat one on one, share files, notes, everything with your organization. The part that I love is the video calls. So, I’m gonna ahead and click on next through these. When you get some, you can go through there, or play the video. Okay, let’s talk about Microsoft Teams. Now, this is your workspace, or your work area. And, it has the ability, you can add more people, create more channel, which we’ll talk about. There’s frequently asked questions. But, I turned on bots, you have to your admin turn on bots, in your area. Bots are basically little robots, that will help you through life of Microsoft, and online, and give you suggestions, okay. So, we’ll go over those. Before we go through the items on the side, I do want to bring out that at the top, this looks awfully similar to Office 365 Groups. You’ll notice it has the file system, right. Share files in this channel, you can upload, you can create new, same thing. Sharepoint files, Office 365 Groups. Notes. This is OneNote. If you’re not using OneNote, I would suggest you download it now, or you start using it now, it is awesome. Especially, if you’re a college student, or if you conduct a lot of meetings, or run projects. Notice, that each of them has the option, to edit, in that native app. So, if I click on this, it will open my OneNote. I’m not gonna do that now, but it will open my OneNote, from my desktop, okay. If I click on this plus, the rest of Microsoft’s Magical Kingdom, is all listed here. So, we have our normal things like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, but notice, we also have, of course, OneNote, Sharepoint, Planner, which I love. If you are a checklist person, into managing your tasks, and seeing it written down and checked off, look into Planner. Power BI for the super duper nerds, who like to analyze data. This is a great way to display data. Notice, as I’m making changes, it is saving automatically in the right hand corner, even though I didn’t do anything. But, I’m just gonna do this, just like Office 365, it’s gonna save as you’re going. Okay. You can insert different items, just like regular OneNote. So, a lot of the features online are the same. Let’s go back to teams. Right now, I have one team. And then a channel. Okay. Think of the channel as how you categorize or group your items that you’re talking about. So, maybe by topic. Let’s just say, you have a Microsoft Teams test. So, you’re actually testing the features of Microsoft. You may create one of the channels, I’m just gonna click on the dots here. And say, this is, let’s say, Feedback for the team, you could add a description. You might add a training channel. You can add a Project Management and Tasks. Marking, et cetra. So again, these are all different conversations, that you’re having, within this team. Go back here. Again, think of teams, this can be by office, this can be by project team, this can be by project, by work group, by topic, by event, the main thing is, how you want to organize, and then sub organize items. I do want to bring out, that it says Downloads. I am on the desktop version, so if I click on that, it’s just giving me other options to download on my phone, or other versions of it. But, that’s what that downloads is. At the bottom here, you’ll start seeing the feed, for this team. I’m gonna go to general, your general channel is created automatically. And you’ll see that it shows, as you add different people. So, it showed when I added Beyonce. I can start a conversation. Okay. As we’re going through here, these are features you can turn off. So, don’t get alarmed, if you don’t have the office environment that allows you, to use, kinda these funny memes, but you do have emojis, there’s stickers in here, there’s memes, this one’s always appropriate, right? You can add a caption. I don’t know, making up something, right. There’s tons of different things here. Okay, hit enter. You can attach files. What I love about this is, this is going into this Microsoft Teams, you can actually select your team, so if I had multiple teams, I would click it over here. Notice, these are my channels, so you’re putting it into the folders, so I’m gonna do, Project Management, and click on upload, okay, and maybe I want to share, my new Office 365 Team’s thumbnail. Notice, it’s in line. There’s also the meet now. I’m gonna come back to this in just a second, but know that the meet now, start a Skype-like video, on your desktop, with this conversation. So, as you have that conversation, it will be there, in that thread. You’re having a conversation around an actual topic or channel. Notice, in your bottom left hand corner, you’ll see a compose box. I was typing, when I clicked it again, it still kept my draft, but you can, use rich text, which means you can bold, underline, it’s a little off. So, when I highlight this, it doesn’t look like I can go back, but if I press bold here, let’s see, it has the highlight that I was trying to turn on earlier, when I was playing. So, it looks like basically, your text is formatted going forward. It doesn’t look like I can highlight, and change anything. Okay, so this a little clunky for me, I’m not liking this so far. But, you do have options, changing the text color, again, it didn’t change it for me. There it goes. So, it is a little touchy. You do have different sizes, it doesn’t seem to have the normal headings, that Microsoft has, but I’m hoping they’re moving towards that. Again, it has the memes, emojis, and starting your meet now, okay. I’m gonna delete this. Okay, let’s go through the menu options over here. This is Favorite. So, as you have tons of teams, ’cause you know, everyone’s gonna end up creating a team, you want to favorite. So you can remove it from favorite, right. It’s not there anymore. If I move it to favorite, it automatically pins it to the top, So, you’re actually seeing it under favorites. You can view the teams, so that’s who is involved in this. If you head over to channels, this is your channel maintenance, basically. So, just like you can add your teams to favorites, you can add or remove your channels. So, keep your eye on this side, as I uncheck training, uncheck project management, you’ll notice that just the feedback stays up there. You could also do this from this area here. Going to add these back. Unfortunately, you can not uncheck your main one. This is the first one that you started with. Notice a couple of things. The first one that I added Beyonce to, she’s in there. She’s not automatically added, to other channels, within that team. So, you can have private conversations, with team members, based on how they work. You could also edit the channel. So this is the name and description, but think of the workflow that you would use, as far as separating each of these areas as it’s own notebooks, their own documents, their own file structure, so it’s really just different projects within a project, maybe. Okay, let’s go to settings. You can change the picture. It does not automatically resize, so you want to pick something, that is a square size, when you select it, right. So, you can go in here, I’m just gonna select Office 365. And you’ll see that it doesn’t fit, right. I’m gonna also select news, this one was already a square, and it fits fine. So, you’re not able to resize it. You’d wanna make sure it’s a square image. These are member options. So you can decide, whether your members can create new channels, if there’s just one person to do it, if you want. If you uncheck these, I would at least make one another person an owner of the team. I want to say group so bad. Of the team, so if you’re not there or not available, they can actually manage this. I’m gonna check this which says, create, update and delete connectors. Connectors are similar to what was in Office 365 groups, like Twitter and Asana, and things like that. Right below that, is the feature setting. So, this is very important, you wanna make sure, that if you’re in a group with a lot of people, you know know that one person that replies to all, on emails, this is kind of like that. You can at the teams. So that means, if I do an at sign, it will send a notification to everyone on that team. Same thing with the channel, so this is deciding, whether you want to allow that, for your members of the group or not. The next thing is the stickers, I love them. Enabling stickers and memes, and you can uncheck whether you allow people to do that. The last one is the developer tab. There’s nothing in there right now, and I don’t have enough information on this, but there is a question mark, you can come here. And, I’m assuming they meant to take you the developer’s tab, but right now, there’s nothing here. Okay. Going up to the top again, I just want to make sure that you see, this is where we are, we’re at view teams. This is the same menu that’s on the left hand side. Okay, you can leave a team if you’re invited. Edit the team if you can. You could also delete the team. Okay, in your top left hand corner, you can create a chat. So this chat, is gonna be a private chat to someone. But, I wanted to show you T-bot. Again, you have to have this on, in your Admins area, in order to see this, okay. I can start a chat and ask a question. New team. Let’s ask the bot, how do you create a new team, right. The bot gave me the answer. How do I create a new team. Click create a team, below your team list, and follow the steps. And then you can vote. Glad you found that helpful. Okay, there’s the help, which is awesome, because it has all of the things the getting started, all of that. The only thing I don’t see here, is that, I don’t see how I can edit or print it. I know no one prints anymore, but certain things I do like to highlight and go through. There’s a frequently asked questions. Videos, which is the same videos that are on Microsoft’s site, and then release notes. So, let’s go back to teams. And it said, that you create a team, in your bottom left hand corner. It didn’t say that specifically, but I’m telling you that. And, this is the Okay, slay group, we’re gonna use this as marketing. Now, look it says, “Add Microsoft team, to an existing Office 365 Groups.” Why yes, I do want to do that. So, I’m gonna choose, and I think I removed my slay group, which was my marketing. I’m gonna use my love group. Or actually, let’s do, community management, okay. I choose that team, it now connects it, to an existing group. So, if you already have existing groups, you don’t have worry about creating separate areas, for this. Now, I can’t remember exactly what’s in here, so, let me just check real quick. Now, I have two separate groups. So, this is where I wanna show you, so I can remove this from favorites, and it moves down, right. And you can actually collapse the groups that you have, sorry, I keep on calling them groups. The teams that you have, or you can add that to the favorite, and move it to the top. Okay, here you’ll also see your overall activity, so your notifications, and then your recent conversations, and actually, let me go here, and just see something real quick. There we go. I was clicked in, if you saw, I was click in this one, which I had nothing, I had to click in the specific channel, and then go to activity, which I don’t think is nice, it should be everything. But, you’re able to see the most recent activities. Okay, I think that’s a great start, for using Microsoft Teams, and a great overview for just getting started. If you wanna learn more, about the chatting features, about meetings, which is basically Skype inside of your desktop or your online, or how to use files, go ahead and join me on my next video. I hope you enjoyed that video. If you have questions or comments, leave them below, but make sure you like and subscribe to my channel. I love new followers. I try to release videos, as soon as I can. But if you have suggestions, again, leave them below. Make sure you check out some of my other videos. Ciao.

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