Microsoft Teams Workspaces is being called the Slack Replacement, Slack Killer… basically a better slack. But is this true? Can Microsoft compete with the cool social working platform that millennials love – or the wanna be millennials. Slack makes engagement around work a lot less “Oh my goodness another email” and more “hmm let’s see what the team is working on.” Can Microsoft adjust or is Microsoft going to blow them out of the water?

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I’m a little biased because I love Microsoft Office 365. I mean LOVE. I am addicted to everything Office 365 – from Office 365 Groups to OneNote to Microsoft Planner. Having everything you need in one area and being able to collaborate on documents, notes and project files from your desktop at the same time is genius. Then there’s Yammer, Yammer is the Facebook of the business world. The truth is, millennials are heading into the corporate space with innovative ideas. Adding social collaboration features to normally mundane, boarding day to day activities makes it easier to keep great talent. Microsoft got it right with teams. Everything in one place. Take Office 365 Groups add Yammer and top it off with a little Skype for Business and there you go… Productive Collaboration.
Microsoft Teams also includes a desktop client for Windows and Mac (imagine that) and mobile apps. Let’s not forget the oh so important emojis, gifs, and stickers. Don’t worry, admins can turn these features off.

Getting Started
1. Enable Teams (you must be an admin)
2. Create a Team Workspace
3. Create Channel(s)
4. Invite Members
5. Be Productive!
Enable Microsoft Teams
To enable Microsoft Teams
1. From the Admin console, select Settings – Services and Add-Ins
2. Click On – Save.

Create a Team
1. Login in at (or select the tile from Office 365)
2. Create by topic, group, department, region, office, etc.
Create a Channel
The initial team workspace includes a General channel
• Add channel
• Name
• Description
• Click Add
Add Members
Crete your team by distribution list

Terminology for Microsoft Office Teams

Workspace with a group of people working towards a common goal
Help organize your messages within a team workspace by grouping them into channels. This can be by topic, event, project, presentation, etc. -Favorite the channel to follow.
SharePoint Files feature. You can save files directly from OneDrive. Each file moves from Office 365 to SharePoint Team Site
OneNote feature (I love OneNote it is the best thing Microsoft ever created)
Calendar –
WITH RICH TEXT (Umm can we say Yammer on steroids)
Task management more features than Outlook tasks but less than Microsoft Project (lol got it?)
Power BI
Yes, Power BI is now wrapped into Workspaces. Great for reporting. If you’re not a tech data analyst or nerd who loves numbers – don’t worry about this. It’s just there to make sure we’re sticking to the business!
Meet Now
AKA Skype online – Anyone in the group can see and join the meeting or see who is in the meeting without joining. Start video conversation based on a current online conversation or start a new one. The Chat history will be saved in your workspace. Everyone in the group can see the chat history.
Chats can be started individually or with people in the group. You can chat around documents or even in your video/meeting. Chats can also be archived for eDiscovery.

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