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Digital Marketing Consultant and Pink Boss

You spend hours staring at your laptop… as if at any moment, a solopreneur fairy will fly through your screen and sprinkle pixie dust all over your personal or business brand, energizing your marketing objectives!

Sorry Luvs. It’s not happening.

This is on you… it’s ALL on you.  As a female solopreneur, you’re not only the CEO and Founder, but the digital marketing strategist. You’re the graphic designer. The social media specialist and web content specialist. It’s up to you to discover digital marketing trends that transform you from a one-woman operation to the next 6-figure, businesswoman of the year.

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So being the #ActLikeASuccess #GirlBoss #womanpreneur #solopreneur #mompreneur that you are… you push through hours, days, even weeks of training. Because what good is an amazing project or service if no one knows your business exists?

You tune in to webinars and podcasts that promise to teach digital marketing trends, but end up wasting your time on fluff and upsales. Not enough value.
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Umm NO… #fail#smh#imdone


Now you’re back in front of your laptop, scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed. Waiting on that solopreneur fairy.


Time for an upgrade.



I’m “Socially Nina” Thomas, a Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of Nina Simone Consulting, a social media agency focused on innovative digital marketing trends.   My super power mastering techy features on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram then teaching passionate female solopreneurs AKA Pink Bosses how to engage an online audience, grow their brands and most importantly, profit from their efforts.


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So pretty much, I’m geeky glam with a dash of super nerd!


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Section about my accomplishments … youtube 200,000 views, speaking, red carpet, periscope, pinkboss club, clients I’ve worked with, NBAF etc.  I’ll come back to this.

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Time to get your business where it needs to be, so you can hit that work-life balance everyone keeps talking about – even if you’re still wondering if it’s actually a real thing. Well queen, I’m here to tell you that it is.   The whole #4hourworkweek #laptoplife #wanderlaust #profitfromyourpassion #workvacay lifestyle… it’s real.


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Congratulations on getting this far as an entrepreneur. Now, it’s time to hit the gas. Let’s transform your entrepreneur passion into (client) payments…

Are you ready?



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#GirlBoss #womanpreneur #solopreneur #mompreneur that you are… you push through hours, days, even weeks of training – each minute a step away from your actual business