Instagram Web – How to watch Instagram Live and Instagram stories from Your Laptop PC or Desktop
With Instagram Stories and Instagram Live gaining so many new content creators and watchers, you’d think they would add more desktop features to Instagram. I’m sure it’s coming but for now, here are a few tips on how to watch Instagram Live Videos and Instagram Stories from your desktop.

Note: I forgot to mention in the first example that you can refresh your page and the live videos and stories will be at the top.

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Video Transcription

- [Nina] Hey bosses, it's Nina. So today I want to show you how to view Instagram Live and Instagram Stories from your desktop or from your laptop PC. So if you go to on your desktop this is what you see. So even if I type in, so let's do, even if I type in an ID, there's nothing that shows me the Instagram Lives. So there's two ways that you can actually do this. The first way is Chrome actually has an add-in. Let me make sure I have the right one. Chrome actually has an add-in, Google Chrome. So I'm going to go here and I will include this link towards the bottom in the description, but with this add-in you can add it to Chrome. Chrome IG Story. OK, and then now, I'm just going to refresh the page. If I click at the top here, you should be able to see stories here live.

- [Presenter] That's what societies then are supposed to be.

- [Nina] OK, as you go through here, just to let you know, you can click this button here and it does a pop-out.

- We're having some technical difficult, difficulties over on Facebook, so what I need--

- [Nina] Come on now, let me close this so we don't have multiple things going on. Oh, and it looks like I accidentally clicked off. You can go ahead and click on there and at the bottom notice that you have your friends. You have your top lives.

- [Instagrammer] Yes, she said there were laptops set up.

- [Nina] And you have your explorer. And let me stop this because I don't know who these people are, but that's one way to actually view Instagram Live from your desktop. The second way is actually through an app. If you are on Windows, sorry Mac people. You know I don't have a Mac. But if you're on Windows you can go to the Microsoft Store. I have it down here, most people do, but you can also type it in over here and under your Microsoft Store, if you head over to Instagram, there's an Instagram app. You just want the regular Instagram app. And so once you launch it, and do I have it open? I do not, so I'm going to go ahead and launch it. This way is easier for me, because I don't have to go in that little app. But I love this because now I can click on just different live streams in here and it behaves more like the actual app. Oh, these are actually stories, sorry. So these are the stories.

- [Instagrammer] Working on my little--

- So you can click on different people. Oh, look at Tammy, right? So you can watch all of them up there, but for me I just like this better. And then you can also search here and once you search, I just clicked on the search at the bottom. Now you'll see that this is live, also. I don't know who this is, so hopefully, there you go. There's a couple of top live stories, you can also search. So two ways, basically you go into Google Chrome, add the add-in, or you could head over to your Windows Microsoft Store and download the Instagram app so you can watch Instagram Live or Instagram Stories from your desktop or a laptop PC. All right y'all, ciao. Hey, Nina again, so, did you like that video? All you have to do to see more videos like that is one, like that video. And then subscribe to my channel and then you'll be notified as I get more tutorials. Or, if you'd like to ask about me doing a tutorial go ahead and leave a comment in the box below and I'll respond and let you know if we're going to add it our list, Also, don't forget that I'm here every Wednesday at 10:10 p.m. Eastern answering questions. But again, don't forget, ♫ Like and subscribe, like and subscribe, like and subscribe See you soon.

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