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Facebook Creator App Overview

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Decided if you want to use your personal Facebook Profile or your Facebook Page

Facebook Profile with Creators App (Personal Page)

  • Change your posts to “Public” if you want a larger audience to view your videos
  • Live Video Insights via the new “Video Summary” feature including
    • Engagement
    • Video Views
    • Minutes Viewed

*Note: It can take some time for your final analytics to become available

Facebook Page with Creators App (Business Page)

  • Add “Video Creator” to your Facebook Page Categories
  • Marketing and Consulting Agencies who use Business Manager don’t automatically get this. I had to change my categories to remove agency. I also added Video Creator


Facebook Live Creator Kit

How to add a Logo, Intro and Outro to Your Facebook Lives

Facebook Live – How to put logo on Facebook Live | Live Creator Kit Intro & Outro | Facebook Creator

Facebook is adding a ton of new tools for video creators, video content creators, video marketers and just all around business owners to upgrade their live streams.

One of their latest tools is the Live Creator Kit. In this video.

This is a FREE tool that Facebook offers to help you customize your live streams.

The new creators kit puts branding directly into your hands with the ability to add your logo, images and other graphics to every live stream automatically.

But they don’t stop there. You can also add a quick intro and outro to your live streams automatically. I absolutely love these set it and forget it features.

Here are a few tips:

  • The logo should be 256 x 256. So that’s basically a favicon size. So don’t go too far with this. It’s about branding.
  • Facebook Live intro video suggested length is 90 seconds and the max length 180 seconds.
  • The Facebook Live outros are about half that with a suggested 30-60 second outro.

I can’t wait to see how all of the creative marketers use these tools to brand, grow and sell!

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