Learn how to make your own YouTube Outro with Picmonkey. YUP Picmonkey is a great Outro Maker. PicMonkey is a free graphic design tool that I use to edit all of my youtube graphics and images. I also used Wondershare FIlmora Video editing tool to edit the outro video. Add your questions in the comments area

PicMonkey Graphic Design Tool: http://goo.gl/xQh1YQ

PicMonkey Full Tutorial: https://goo.gl/31O6z1

Install custom fonts on your machine: https://goo.gl/ed9CWr

Icon Finder: https://www.iconfinder.com/

How to edit videos: : https://youtu.be/p2qt30j99RA?list=PL-PcMZK7ukr9w8fzvd8JI7byN67ivM7DH

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  • Jax

    Nina another good one! Quick question, is there away to upload your outro to YouTube where it automatically plays when your video finishes…Or would I have to add the outro to each video I create (before I upload it to YouTube?

    Jax (J. Jackson)

    • First… sorry for the delay…. this comment was stuck in my filters so my bad :/
      So to answer your question, you can upload videos to YouTube editor but for me, it’s way too much work. I just keep a copy of my outros in a folder and add them to each video.

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