Facebook Live How to Broadcast Live from your Desktop to Your Group | BeLive.TV | Be Live App

Learn how to go live in your Facebook Group from your desktop webcam. No more recording Facebook Live videos from your phone. You can now use the BeLive.TV app to live stream in your Facebook Groups, live broadcast to your Facebook personal page or Go Live from your Facebook Business page…. and all from your Desktop. The BeLive TV app allows you to show questions from your live broadcast on the screen as you answer them, pre -load agenda or other text for your live stream or pre-schedule your live stream in your Facebook Groups. But wait there’s more lol… no but really, you can now Live Broadcast an interview or co-host a discussion. Check out the BeLive.TV app. Keep in mind that it is Beta so you may run into some snags here and there. Just report them and keep it moving. Let me know what you think below.
Oh and just in case you’re wondering, yes this is much much easier than using OBS to live stream. However, OBS has a lot more features. If you’re not a tech buff, I would start here.


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