How to Access the Full Facebook Site on your Phone | Facebook Desktop on Mobile


Most people launch Facebook from the native app on their iPhone; however, there are certain features that are only found on the Facebook desktop version. Other features are just easier to access from the full Facebook Desktop site.  So when you try to open Facebook from your browser on your smartphone, you are automatically redirected to the mobile version of Facebook.  In order to get to the full Facebook site, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:


To access Facebook Desktop on Mobile:

This will bring up the full version of the site. You’ll need to use the pinch feature to move around and view items. I would also recommend adding a desktop shortcut in order to easily access it in the future.


To create a Home Screen shortcut on your iPhone:

  • Select the Send arrow at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Add to Home Screen.
  • Name the shortcut Facebook Desktop Site.

You can now access the full Facebook site by clicking on the link you created or by searching in your top search bar.


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