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LaNée Javet is CEO of Legacy Jeté Brand, Inc. and Founder of, the premier lifestyle, education, entertainment, and empowerment destination for people of color around the world. She facilitates the operation of various projects, websites, social media campaigns, and events of her own, and she also provides consulting services to others. She successfully raised $10,000 in crowdfunding in her first attempt and her very first website project ( reached 3 Million page views (from over 1 million visitors) in less than 7 months from its launch March 2014.
LaNée is a self-proclaimed Mogul Business Architect (MBA). She has a passion for elevating entrepreneurs and organizations to their individual mogul stature. As a mogul in her own right, she is not only a Mogul Business Champion for herself, but also for others who want to see their business grow and be successful.

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