Here are some simple tips and tricks to use when creating your ebook with Word. In this video I go though the Design and Theme features and show you how to customize your own themes, color scheme and fonts. Once complete, just File Save As PDF. There are plenty of additional options but why not keep it simple!

How to Create an eBook
How to Create a eBook
Create eBook in Word
How to create eBook

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Video Transcript
– Hey, Nina here, social media strategist, technical trainer and owner of Nina Simone Consulting. So today I’m going to try to speed through this, well it’s not a question, it was more of a suggestion for a business mastermind member that we have in the group. Wendy’s actually doing an e-book and she’s using Word to do it and then she’s gonna save it as a PDF. So because of my background in teaching Word, I thought maybe I can give her a couple of tips on how to format it quickly so it’s not so overwhelming. So this is not one of the normal little quick tutorials but I’m going to try to fit it into like a three minute, five minute thing. This would only be useful for people who already know how to use Word and that are just looking for some tricks on how to style your e-book. So here we go. Okay, before I get started on showing you how to quickly edit, I’m just going to show you a quick way to start a book if you’ve never done it before. So I just did, I just opened Word and at the top I’m just going to type in the word book and hit enter. That actually just searches the templates that Microsoft has. There’s different things on the right, so you can go through and look through those but these are templates, there’s more online. I’m just gonna click on the one that says booklet. So if you don’t have a lot of experience in Word, you can click in here and you kind of just point and click. You can put your title here. If you have an image, you can right click and change the image and select another one. This table of contents, I’m just gonna press this, just to see if it works like a regular table of contents. Usually you can press f9 or right-click and update, I don’t know how this table contents works here. It’s probably the same way but it’s just not working for me because I haven’t filled anything yet. Oh, so if, yeah, if you make changes, you just go through, replace the pictures, add the text, there you go, you have your e-book. It even has an area for your logo. So that’s one way. Another way is if you just start with a new document. I’m going to start with a blank document. I would suggest just write all your text up but as you’re going, mark them for heading styles. The heading styles are at the top here and I’ll show you an easy way to do it. Don’t worry about the format, the color, the font. I’ll show you how to do that all at the end. So first, just type up your document. So this would be the title. This is heading one. So, or actually, I’ll put this. Main topic heading one. Okay second. Alright, we’ll put sub topic heading two. Okay. You can insert a page if you’d like. The shortcut for that, I believe it’s alt+enter. Let’s see, nope, control+enter. Yeah, control+enter to insert a new page. Okay, so we have that here. Then we have some text here. I’m just going to copy and paste it. To see if you have, at the top there’s a paragraph marker you can see where you have your page breaks, all of your formatting, so if you start to see some funky things going on, you can turn that on and kind of see where your formatting is. Before I selected the paragraph marker, that’s why it was doing that. Okay, I’m going to turn this off. Okay, so you have all your text, you’re writing your book blah, blah, blah, you have your pictures. The title, you can either just click up here and do title, or if you’d like to do, I’m going to press control+z to undo that. Control+z is the same thing as undo. Clicking it up here. For the title, you click there, each of these heading one through three or four, you can use shortcut keys, so you don’t have to highlight the whole title, you just have to be clicked in that line. And I’m going to press control+alt+1, for heading one, and I’m going to write that down for you. And it has to be the number one at the top of your keyboard, it can’t be on the right hand side, those don’t work, little keypads, so control+alt+1 at the top. Same thing for heading two, control+alt+2 Okay. Say I accidentally did control+alt+2 here and I wanted it to be normal text, control+shift+in is normal text. Okay,so as you’re going through your document, you’re just typing, this is main topic number two. I just do control+alt+1, okay. And you go through your document like that. Let’s just copy these so you can have a couple, I’m going to do a heading three here. Okay, so it does go to three. Okay, so you have that right? Type up your whole document, what you want to do is look for the spirals after your done. So, I’m going to go up to design and they have different designs here and styles, so I can go here and choose a style and it changes it. At the top here there are entire themes, so if you have, say, just going to insert, so if you have like shapes, if you have smart art, things like that, I’m just going to, again, this is going to be a quick tutorial, I’m just going to insert anything, but it makes it so your entire document has themes. So, I’m going to go back to design, so as I change the theme, everything changes with it. So again, top left corner is your theme, and then you can pick the one you want, so as I’m hovering over it, I don’t have to click it. It shows me in my document what it will look like. Okay, so I’m going to pick this one, looks pretty cute. And, then you can change your colors, so of course, you know I’m going to go with pink. They call it red violet, but it’s pink. So I’m going to click on that. Okay, so we have our colors. It changed the font. It looks really nice. So if you find something that you really like, and you’re going to use this on going for your company, you can actually save it. But you can customize it to your, we don’t want that ugly color orange, okay. You go down in customize and you can put your own colors like we already know that I have my colors from my brand. You might have your own colors, so you can go through, change all the colors and save it as, whatever you want to call it. Okay. And then it should be at the top there. Okay. Same thing with fonts, so remember I told you don’t worry about the fonts, so you can go here, you can, so this is actually my theme, font, I saved it for another document, so all my fonts are in here. So I can just quickly click on it and apply all my fonts. It doesn’t look right, so you can scroll down. This is really good if you don’t know how to combine your fonts. However, if you were in my Canva module 2 course you might know how to look for fonts. You can do custom and choose your two main fonts again and save it. Same thing with paragraph spacing, all of this. Whenever you get to exactly how you want it, actually I like that one better. Okay. No can’t read it. Then you can set it as default. Then every time you start a new document, it says there that it’s changing your default settings. Okay. If you want to make it all pretty, remember don’t do too much but you can do the background color of the page. Okay. Oh I like that. I like that one better. It’s kind of hard on the eyes so you might want to change the font colors. There’s a way we could do the default font colors and sizes and all that too, but we won’t go over that today. Okay. I’m just going to use a pink brush to format that. Okay. So again now you see that on your headings everything has changed to your style. I’m going to go back to design, there are page borders too, so you can add a page border. You can add just the top or the bottom border. There’s special borders that are art if you’re maybe doing a food one or a party. There’s all these borders. I’m just going to pick something simple. I know this is going to look ugly, but I’m going to show you how this looks. Doesn’t look so bad. So now I have my border right? We have our border, we have our fonts, we have our colors. All of that. If you want to maybe put your logo in the background you can do a custom watermark, so I’m not going to go over that, but there’s drafts, sample, confidential, do not copy, all of that, but you can actually create your own custom watermark. The last thing I want to show you is that, now that you have all of your themes together if you go, let me think of where this is, insert. If I go to insert, there is cover page. So I click on cover page, same thing, it has our theme colors. So, these are all kind of cute, I guess I’ll pick this. Just want to show you that you can click on more from and then you can search for different ones there, but we’re going to choose that one. It automatically pushes the pages down, right? This is my e-book, okay, and subtitle, whatever. Put your author name, all of that, insert your logo. So it’s looking pretty good. The other thing you want to do is enter a table of contents. Okay, so the reason why you used the heading styles, not just for style, but also for the table of contents. Okay, so if you’re on reference, I can’t remember if you have to click or not, I’m going to click here, I’m just going to do enter. And I’m so used to working with these, sorry, when I format I have to see them, so I could see if it looks funky. But I’m going to go back to reference. The first one is table of contents, click that, and again there’s different styles, it matches your theme. Don’t do manual, unless you have something funky going on. But it automatically, actually takes on your heading styles or you can go to custom table contents and you can say, “okay, I only want to do two levels”, so remember heading one, heading two, heading three. So I can do two levels instead, so it changed it. You can do the alignment of the page numbers, now it’s right next to it instead of right aligned. If you don’t want to show page numbers, maybe you just want links to it, because remember you’re saving it as a pdf. Okay. There’s other things you can go to options for, and include, but that’s probably a little bit more advanced, but there’s different styles here. Okay. I’m just going to leave it there. Play around with it. Just remember you can open a blank document and play with it and you won’t mess up anything. Okay. And then it gives you a web preview, which is pretty good because it’s kind of like the pdf preview. Press okay and it’s there. Okay. You don’t want this to be on the same page as your words and your first heading. And you don’t want to do just a page break, you want to do a section break next page. The reason why, is if you are entering your numbers and I’ll show you, I’m just going to double click and do page number, bottom of the page, okay. Your, let me scroll in, your page number starts at one on your table of contents. Okay. Just going to double click back in the document. So, instead of doing that, you want to click here, actually I meant to click that, click right in front of here and you’re going to go to page layout, breaks, next page. Okay. So that’s set. Another page. The page numbers aren’t on here because they’re on a different section, but basically what you can do is now, I think this might be a little too complicated for this one, but I’m going to go through this anyways. I don’t like the colors, so let me change it, so you guys can see it. Okay. Each of these are, so now this is a section up here and this is a section down here. So here the second section you could also pick a different first page. So I’m going to just go here and you’ll see that it says same as previous that means it’s linked to the previous section’s footer. So I’m just going to double click on the footer and unlink it. Okay. So now all the page numbering at the bottom is separate from the page numbering at the top. Also, the reason why this doesn’t have a first page is because up here it says different first page. I’m going to uncheck that and then we start here I’m going to write click and I want to format the page numbers to start at one. Okay. So now, our document one, two, three here since it’s not linked to the other section I can delete this and it doesn’t affect the other footers. There’s tons of ways to format the footer so they look like a book, I’m not going to go into that. I think I actually went a little bit too far, so I’m going to double click on the main page. One thing I do want to tell you, the last thing, is if you update your headings, say you say, “okay this isn’t main topic, it is the first topic”. You do want to update your table of contents, I believe it updates it automatically when you save it or close it, but you can right click and update field. I would update the entire table so that you can get the words as well. And it updates it. You can also do that by pressing your f9 key. Okay. I’m not going to go into too much, I think that was a lot longer than I expected, I hope I’ve helped you instead of confused you, so let me know if you have any questions. It was just a quick tutorial on, if you already have your e-book together and you want to format it, how do you do it in Word, in an easy way. So should be enough. You just do file save as pdf and bam you have your e-book. Alright, thanks did you like that video? If so, please like and subscribe. If anything didn’t make sense or you have questions still go ahead and leave your comments below and I will try to answer them the best I can. Again, like and subscribe. Thanks and have a great day.

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