Canva Guide for Beginners

What is Canva

Design tool for the non-techy, non-designer, average person who want to create awesome graphics.  As long as you know how to click, double-click, drag and drop and right-click, you can use canva. It’s a super duper easy, Do it Yourself (DIY) online design tool. Canva basically just said “Here! We’ll created a design for anything you need. You just put your own little spin on it.” So all you have to do is select a design and replace it with your own colors, text or images. If you’re a digital marketer, this is like the Fairy Marketing Godmother coming down herself and sprinkling you with a little design magic.  “Here you go hun. I know you were struggling with designs – and you didn’t want to spend those extra coins on a designer – so use this. Thank me later.”Canva Design Tool Logo

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What can you create with  Canva?

Let’s just say anything lol.  In Canva, you can create digital graphics for social media, printable flyers and greeting cards, logos, business cards, visual resumes, menus… so yeah anything. I’ve included a partial list of design templates below. Visit the Canva Design Templates page to see a list of all of their online design templates. They continue to add new templates so the list is pretty long. #WIN

Where can you get help?

How much does Canva cost?

Check this link out for the most up to date info on Canva’s pricing and new offerings.

How to setup a Free Canva account

Create a new Canva account

You can create a new Canva account at for free. There are three different options for signing up:

  • Facebook (recommended)
  • Google
  • Email

 Setup your Social Media Profile

Select the arrow next to your name (top right corner) then select Your Personal Profile.

Update the following:

  • Profile Name (Add your Business Name and Purpose here)
  • Handle – this will ultimately be your URL for example
  • Website URL
  • State
  • Country

After you set this up, make sure to follow me at then head over to the Pink Boss Club on Facebook to share your new profile.

Upload Brand Collateral

  • Logos – tutorial coming soon
  • Photos – tutorial coming soon

Selecting Fonts

The rule of thumb for selecting fonts

  • Longer reading should have serif (fancy font)
  • Shorter reading should have sans serif fonts
  • Children’s books should be sans serif because it’s easier for an audience that is just learning to read to see the words clearly.
  • ….. UMMM Wait a minute… if sans-serif is easier to read then why wouldn’t you just use sans serif? But I digest, I’m not the expert on this. But you know who is?

Click here for a great article comparing Serif vs Sans Serif and to help you select when to use which font, I know what you’re saying “eew read an article about fonts? Whet?” But believe me, you’re going to at least want to skim through it to get a few points.

Then use whichever looks best on the screen.

Canva Font Pairing Tool

Canva’s Typography Made Easy tool helps you select the right Font Combinations to work with. So you don’t have to have any design experience to figure out which fonts match.

You’ll need at least two fonts; however, I suggest getting a script or bold font to help you stand out a little.

  • Pick one Serif font (fancy decorative)
  • Pick one Sans Serif font (plain jane)
  • Pick one stand out font – this is usually a script or something else

Setup Your Brand Defaults

  • Set Colors – – tutorial coming soon
  • Upload your fonts – tutorial coming soon

Canva Hidden Tips and Tricks

Canva Online Design Tools

Apply to Contribute Designs and Photos

Canva at Work / Canva Paid Account

Fix Common Issues

New Canva Features (Coming Soon)

New Canva Print Coming Soon CLICK HERE to sign up

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