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Why ASANA Boards are a gamechanger for You!
Are you a “post it note” type of person rather than a” List it” type a person? …You’re not alone.
If you don’t already know, Asana is an amazing project management software that helps your company track teams progress and attain results. For some, Asana has been AMAZIINGGGG, when it came to creating tasks in a linear fashion. For those of us that are more of a ‘post it notes’ type of person, that task feature has been a bit too linear soooo FRET NO MORE!! Asana’s new Kanban board feature is here!! Ok no seriously, it really is and similar to Trello (another project management tool) , it makes making tasks more easier than ever. So if you prefer boards over lists when it comes to your project management software then you my friend are in luck. Here are some reasons why Asana Boards are game-changing:
4. Asana has an app!
Managing your tasks at your fingertips can help things move a little bit faster for us who are constantly on the go.
5. Teams can track their work from start to finish.
Delegating and keeping up with tasks are crucial to finishing a project. So now with Asanas board feature you can easily move tasks around.
6. Free up to 15 team members
That’s right. FREE for the first 15 team members so take advantage of this project management tool!


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