Anchor.FM How to edit and publish podcasts with Anchor

I started a podcast with my good friend Nicole called Girl Please! on anchor. The podcast is dedicated to women’s hair, health, and heart. is a super easy app that we use to record each of our weekly episodes.

So here’s howto edit your podcast with anchor

1. Use the app Interview feature to start a recorded phone call

2. Snatch the link and transcript from our email

3. Download the recording 4. Edit in Camtasia (I show you how to edit in Anchor also)

5. Upload and publish segments

6. Add and publish transitions

7. Create and publish our podcast episode to app

8. automatically syndicates our podcast episode to iTunes Podcast and Google Play

That’s it!

We didn’t even have to setup our iTunes or Google Play podcast stations. Anchor does this for you the first time you publish an episode. How easy is that?

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